Which aircraft to choose?

A sales officer will be happy to advise you. Your choice of aircraft will depend on your destination, the number of passengers and any budget and timing constraints you may have. Our expertise will ensure you get the best choice of aircraft at the optimum price.

How do I book a flight?

Simply call +41 225 08 72 88 (lines are open 24/7) or e-mail us on info@antarisaviation.ch. Once you have made your choice, with the advice of one of our experts, we will draw up the charter contract. To confirm your booking, all you have to do is sign and return the contract.

How far ahead should I book?

Usually, a few hours’ notice will be sufficient to book your aircraft. The minimum notice we need to organise a flight out of Paris is two hours. Advance overflight and landing authorisations may be required for some destinations. We will inform you of any such requirements, which vary according to your country of destination.

How long before flight time should I be at the airport?

At Paris Le Bourget airport, 20 minutes is enough time for you to go through airport security checks, load your luggage and meet the aircrew.

What does the charter price cover?

Our prices include the aircraft charter, crew salaries, fuel costs, landing and navigation fees, and food and drink served on board.

Are pets allowed on board?

Pets are allowed, but please contact us in advance.